About Just Smile Dental Center

Your smile and your oral health are our primary goals ❤

In Just Smile we are aware that the basic treatment starts with you, so we are very careful to educate the patients and teach them the correct ways to take care for their oral health because it reflects on their health in general. That’s why our dentists constantly help us to solve problems and useful information that will help you to care of your oral health, can follow our page on Facebook or watch our dentists’ advice on YouTube or even communicate with us directly on Twitter, and for a unique experience inside the center you can see our pictures on Instagram.

How it all started

The beginning of our Story

Since we start thinking of Just Smile, we were trying to answer a specific question: "How do we reach for the best dental experience in Egypt?" The answer was clear: the best professional dentists + the latest dental technology + center that is designed in an innovative way to reduce anxiety and provide comfort to the patient before and during the visit of the dentist + attention to the patient needs and follow up his condition even after treatment is over = a new era in the experience of dental treatment in Egypt.

Tarek Refaie

Just Smile CEO

As for the children, the biggest part of our attention was to believe that if they had acquired the culture of visiting the dentist in this stage of their lives, it would be easier and healthier, that’s why we were interested in creating a full space for children, filled with books, toys, drawing tools, coloring and all that they needed to feel like they’re In their favorite place, not in a dental center in its traditional form. Even their clinic was designed and decorated with pictures and toys to provide a pleasant and joyful experience for them during their dental treatment.

We believe in specialization

In life in general and dental treatment in particular, to be able to get the best taste, you should "give the bread to its baker" and that’s we believe in at Just Smile, which is in order to be able to achieve the best possible result, we must have the best dentists who are not only the most experienced and skilled, but the most specialized. There are a lot of dental clinics that provide similar services at different prices, in find the optimal solution for your problem, you do not need to visit more than a dental clinic because in Just Smile we gathered all the specialties in one place, and our center is consistent of internal units such as: - Crowns and Bridges & Dentures Unit - Root Canal Treatment Unit - Dental Surgery Unit - Pediatric Dentistry Unit - Gingival Treatments Unit - Cosmetic Dentistry Unit - Orthodontics unit - Dental Implant Unit These units are providing over 63 different dental services. All clinics are under the supervision of dental consultants who specialize in their fields with experience of more than 20 years.

Why should you choose us?

Because over the course of a year we have been able to treat more than 1100 cases in 8 main units with more than 63 different types of dental services, with the help of more than 12 specialized dentists in our center. Each of these was done using more than 30 of the latest dental devices available in Egypt and the Middle East. Overall .. Just Smile your smile from the heart.

Happy Stories

I’ve been to many dentists before but for me, this place is amazing, professional dentists, very clean place & friendly staff ... Thank you Dr. Heba Lotfy & Dr. Engy Nouh for everything

Sahar Shawky

would like to thank Dr. Manal very much for her patience with my daughter... my daughter entered crying and got out happy, smiling and ready for the next visit ...THANKS A LOT, DR.

Heba Amr

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