Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

It aims to treat the tooth pulp. This process begins with the preparation of the access cavity that targets the affected part of the root in the coronary section.

The treatment proceeds to the infected tissues in the root through the "cleaning and shaping" procedure using tools called files; hand-driven or motor-driven files. Cleaning the root canal cannot be completed without the use of an antibacterial element.

X-rays are essential to complete the treatment of the root canal, which ensures complete deterioration of the root tissue within the root. Digital x-ray plays a major role in promoting endodontic treatment, accuracy, and speed in addition to reducing dose and risk level.

Finally, after the root canal is fully cleaned and formed, the 3D channel is filled with root fillers and sealants. Recent research continues to enhance endodontic treatment, giving success and longevity to treatment and ensuring the best cure.

Root canal treatment is done in one or more intracranial visits, it can also be done according to the condition of the diseased pulp and surrounding tissue, and according to the patient's compliance and tendency to keep the mouth open for longer visits.

Some of our services:

  • Root canal treatment (Anterior)
  • Root canal treatment (Premolar)
  • Root Canal treatment 3canal (molar)
  • Root canal treatment 4canal (Molar)
  • Rett Endo (Anterior)
  • Rett Endo (Premolar)
  • Rett Endo (molar)
  • Zircon Crown